Pink: Feel energetic, sophisticated and little-bit childish.

Added on: - 01-Dec-2017 02:19 PM
Every color has its own importance. Colors indicate one’s personality, his taste, thoughts and the way of living. Here we are talking about Pink color. Pink is the color of extreme love, care and full of positive energy. Pink is very soft, calm and warm color. It shows the innocent nature of the person. This winter we are here with many shades of pink color in different styles of dresses for different occasion. Let’s have a look at stylish and trendy apparels.

Go get crazy with this Pink Sweatshirt

Let's try something new in this winter. I am sure you will definitely catch everybody's eyes with this calm and cozy color sweatshirt. Honey brand from Pantaloons has added this sweatshirt to their closet this winter.

Hot and Sexy look for evening party

This long maxi gown is a perfect choice for an evening where you want to show your soft and flare style.

Style yourself with Cowl Neck sweater

Sometimes getting ready is a two-minute process if you have some good sets of clothes. Get yourself ready within a minute, wear this cowl neck sweater with a pair of jeans or checked pajama. Make a bun of your hairs and wear sports shoes to complement this outfit.

Time to show your curves.

To look gorgeous and beautiful at the same moment is not a very tricky task, just wear this Anarkali dress with matching sandals and lovely pair of earrings.

Look smart and soft

Style this jacket with a short skirt and long black boots this winter and make your own style.